About Margaret

Margaret Hurst creates reportage and illustration that are not what you'd expect, yet are exactly what you want: intelligent, cultural, uniquely personal.

Two Handed cpdsa drawings

CPDSA! YAY! I can’t get enough of the cpdsa Central Park skaters!  Here’s the latest line up at the skate circle.  I decided to try drawing the roller skaters with two hands!  Best decision I ever made…I could get down twice the amount of information, faster!  Yahoo!  When you’re drawing roller skaters it’s good to […]

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Cool Guy

I call this roller skater, Cool Guy.  Cool and relaxed is the understatement of the year!  He just does his thing, skates the circle calmly with his long legs, his shades and his ear phones.  Doesn’t bother anyone, no one bothers him…Cool Guy! cpdsa Margaret

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