I walked past this construction site the other day. Of course, it’s no longer a construction site. The building is completed now, but I had the best time drawing the construction of it on the UES in NYC. Every guy working the site was a character. I’m not kidding!


Well, as the words say, “laying wires and pipes.”


This lady would by a few times a day with perfect posture and drama. She loved the attention she got from the guys and the guys loved giving her the attention! They called her Ballerina Lady!  “Hey, hey…balleriiiinnnnaaaa lady!” they would shout. And she would raise her chin and chest even higher!!!!

Love it!


That’s Tuna on the very left. He controlled the automobile traffic that went by the construction site. His name was Charlie, so they called him Tuna, after Charlie the Tuna! Tuna was very intimidating, but also had a soft side. I was sitting on the cement sidewalk and he brought over a large piece of cardboard for me to sit on. He said he didn’t want me to get a hemorrhoid from sitting on the sidewalk! I thanked him and sat on the cardboard.

Very sweet!



Busy day!

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