Sara Haines and Liz Neumann skate the cpdsa circle

Sara Haines and Liz Neumann skate the cpdsa circle

This past weekend I was drawing at the cpdsa skate circle in Central Park.  Sara Haines and her film crew showed up to shoot the skaters! It was great!  Sara Haines, correspondent from the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, is skating around the cpdsa circle with two of the circle’s regulars. They had her safely laced in between them as they happily skated the circle! Sara was really into the skate, a team player! She and her producer, Liz Neumann, were really delightful and energetic ladies. Sara is known as the Computer Chick on the NBC’s Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. She’s great on the Today Show!

Sara skated many laps around the skate circle with two of the cpdsa regulars, (top). Here she was beginning to dance after completing her laps!

This is Liz Neumann, producer for the NBC Today Show, filming one of the skaters at cpdsa circle!  She looked like she was having a great time filming all the skaters. Liz was all over the place! A little girl was skating, lower left corner, her name was Mia and she was visiting from Miami.  She was a real trooper, too! Cool Guy is skating backward behind Mia!

Margaret Hurst

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