An Afternoon with the CPDSA in Central Park

An Afternoon with the CPDSA in Central Park

This is a drawing from the afternoon with Liz Steel from Urban Sketchers and Veronica Lawlor from studio1482.  I call this guy, (he doesn’t skate), Martini Man, because “he’s shaken, not stirred.”  I drew him with consistent up and down sharp edged lines.  He stands in the central area by the DJ and jiggers himself up and down, his feet firmly planted.


As Ronnie mentioned in her urban sketchers blog, this is Robot Boy!  Enough said!

This is “Sexy” on the right.  It says so on his belt!

And last but not least, this little boy was also in the center ring dancing with a hooola hoop and watching some other people dance.  He was into it!

This was a fun afternoon with Liz Steele and Veronica Lawlor.  We had a lot of commentary about the skaters and the dancers.  It’s hard not to, they are such characters and so wonderful to draw.  Thanks for a great afternoon Liz and Ronnie!

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  1. Don Mcnulty

    I always admire your great drawings Margaret.

  2. admin

    Thank you, Don !

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